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Subclasses should override the default behavior, which is a straight identity comparison.

**kw are arguments consumed by subclass compare() methods and may be used to modify the criteria for comparison. Common table expressions are a SQL standard whereby SELECT statements can draw upon secondary statements specified along with the primary statement, using a clause called “WITH”.

The use case for ad-hoc addition of argument names is typically for end-user code that is also using a custom compilation scheme which consumes the additional arguments.

Compare this Clause Element to the given Clause Element.

For example, the following view limits the result set by selecting only the employee first name, last name, and hire date columns from the Employees table, and it limits the rows returned to employees hired this year: One of the most powerful uses of views is for reporting. When the chain of ownership is broken, you need to grant users the same permissions on the underlying tables as you want them to have on the view, which nullifies the effectiveness of views as security mechanisms.

A view can be used to wrap up complex queries containing subqueries, outer joins, and aggregation. Another problem you'll encounter with Access projects (ADPs) is that if you want users to be able to update data using a view, you also have to grant them permissions on the underlying tables.

The information about where the data in a view comes from and how it is pulled together from various tables is all encapsulated inside the view. Here are some general guidelines for creating views: Views are frequently used as security mechanisms to prevent users from having direct access to tables while still allowing them to work with data.Using a view to filter data on the server is much more efficient than fetching an entire table and then applying a filter on the client. One reason it's recommended that the dbo own all objects in a database is that problems arise when the chain of ownership is broken.To restrict the rows in a view, you use the same kinds of criteria in a clause. This happens when the view and the underlying table do not have the same owner.It's great to get the extra features, but it makes it harder to nail down exactly what you can and cannot do with views.Views have never in the past been able to contain parameters; however, as shown later in the chapter, user-defined functions can now be used like views, effectively allowing you to create parameterized views that return different results depending on the parameter values that get passed in each time the function is run.

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